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A Better Way To Live

EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation is here to make home automation accessible and affordable for Malaysians. It provides you and your family with peace of mind, convenience, comfort and most importantly, security, whether it is for your home, office or commercial premises.

The state-of-the-art home automation system allows you to manage energy consumption more efficiently by integrating appliances; security system, lighting and electrical devices using one central touch system, which can also be operated remotely using a specially designed EN’HANCE application (app) installed in your smart devices. The EN’HANCE app is available for download on Android and iOS devices via Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

Certified Quality Products by Experts

The technologically advanced system is developed and engineered by Starfield Electronic Group based in Hong Kong, a company that excels in the design and manufacture of electronic products and electrical components for the building and construction industry.

EN’HANCE components undergo a stringent manufacturing process that includes quality and performance tests before the products are shipped, as they must match international reliability and quality standards.

As a fully homogeneous and integrated operation, Starfield Electronic Group researches, develops, manufactures and markets all of its products. Starfield Enhance is the international marketing and distribution arm of the Starfield Electronic Group.

Starfield Electronic Group is an ISO-certified organisation (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 13485:2003) with decades of experience dedicated to research and process refinement. The group is also present in major global markets including Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.


Our products don’t just enhance your life, they’re good for the environment too. Being eco-friendly means you can use them with full confidence knowing they help to reduce pollution, power usage and ultimately help create a safer and healthier living environment.


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MALAYSIA (Regional Sales & Marketing)
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1. Why should I consider to install EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation for my home?

Most conventional home automation systems are often complicated in terms of wiring and installation. EN’HANCE unique wireless technology ensures that no unnecessary hacking or rewiring work is needed and it is easily installed within a very short period of time. Our system is built on Zigbee wireless technology, providing convenient and critical real-time status updates, which will inform you instantly if your remote commands have been properly received and executed.

The key advantages of EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation are:

  • Hazard free: no hacking and plastering required for installation
  • No rewiring or additional wiring is required
  • Retrofit: direct replacement of existing light switches and power sockets with EN’HANCE wireless touch screen switches.
  • Easy installation within few hours.
  • No additional cost for rewiring or hacking of walls.
  • Control your home internally with console or remote control and remotely using any smart phone or tablet devices.
  • Full system integration: security system, CCTV, intercom, motorized curtains/blinds etc.
  • EN’HANCE App upgradable and scalable without limitation which users can perform remotely.

2. What are the benefits of installing EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation in my home?

The benefits of EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation are substantial which include Convenience, Security, Lifestyle, Energy Savings, Assistance for people with disabilities and improve home aesthetics with the wide range of touch-screen tempered-glass switches. EN’HANCE connects every system in your home, giving you instant access to your home’s system via mobile smart phones wherever you are.
With the Scene Control and Timer/Scheduler features, you can pre-set & control the lightings, air-conditioners, security, home appliances, audio visual system, motorized curtain etc. to your personal needs and preferences with a single command wherever you are.

3. What is Zigbee technology in EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation?

Zigbee home automation is a home automation system that uses wireless components that communicate with each other using the Zigbee Specification which is poised to become the global standard for wireless control / sensor networks in residential, industrial & commercial applications.
EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation with the Zigbee technology can be easily retro-fitted into existing homes without installing additional cabling.

4. How can I save energy and money with EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation?

EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation can help save energy, money and the environment by:

  • Automatically turning on/off lightings, air conditioners, electrical appliances, fans, alarm etc.
  • Scheduling lightings, air-conditioning, fans, motorized blinds, security system etc.
  • Efficiently & easily controlling lightings power with Dimmer Control.
  • Installing energy-efficient IP Camera for security, video monitoring and automation

5. How many users are allowed to access EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation system at the same time?

EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation allows multiple users to login simultaneously from within the house or anywhere in the world via Internet connection.

6. How do I make sure I always have the latest EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation app?

You just need to enable the App Auto Update command in your mobile smart phone or tablet. A detail User Manual on the operation of the App with critical Trouble Shooting pointers will be given to you after installation of the EN’HANCE system in your home.

7. What are the future trends in home automation?

Future trends in home automation are:

  • Home automation will become standard equipment in new or renovated homes. Non-personalized low-cost home automation will be provided with standard home designs at the entry level, and customized home automation solutions for more discerning home owners.
  • Home automation will become the standard norm to monitor, control & minimize energy consumption and save costs.
  • Using smart mobile phones, tablets and PCs as home automation user interfaces will be pervasive, albeit home automation wall switches and touch screens consoles will continue to have their place.
  • Home surveillance and security will be efficiently and diligently controlled by high quality IP Camera that fully support home automation integration with long reliable operation satisfying professional security standards.

8. Is EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation affordable?

Yes! The price of home technology has dropped significantly in the last few years making it affordable to more people than ever before.
EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation is designed & engineered to be fully scalable and allow home owners to start with one room and keep adding more rooms and devices as the family and needs grow over time. With absolutely no need for re-wiring and hacking of walls, EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation is most suitable for new or existing homes to experience and enjoy the benefits of home automation at the entry level which is most affordable.

9. How can I experience a live demonstration of EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation and have a trial run before I decide?

Just forward us your requirement on what devices you wish to control in your home or better still, send us a copy of the floor plan with your “wish-list” and we shall submit a proposal to you. We shall then invite you to visit our Interactive Sales Gallery which is designed as a typical living home for a live experience before you make any decision.

You can also visit our website and view the Interactive Video which will allow you to experience and enjoy the features and benefits of EN’HANCE Lifestyle Automation.